iVexSol Announces Launch of a New Website

A gateway to explore a next generation stable lentiviral vector manufacturing technology 


WORCESTER, MA, December 2, 2021 – iVexSol, a rapidly growing Lentiviral Vector (LVV) manufacturing company is pleased to announce the launch of its new interactive website that serves as a gateway to explore a next generation manufacturing technology. The site will serve as a valuable source of information and provide cell and gene therapy (CGT) developers with a competitive advantage to accelerate filing of your IND as you progress to commercial launch.

The new website offers audiences easy navigation, a clean interface, and the ability to promptly gain knowledge about iVexSol and how our technology can significantly increase the production of viral vectors; essential raw materials that cell CGT developers are struggling to source in support their product’s clinical development. The website is intuitive and mobile-ready so users can easily find the information they need.

“We are delighted to apply our transformative technology to the CGT ecosystem to help alleviate the global shortage of this critical raw material” said CEO, Rodney Rietze.

“Lentiviral vectors have been successfully deployed in hundreds of clinical trials in thousands of patients without vector related adverse events. The only thing holding this technology back has been the challenges of manufacturing LVV at scale,” said CSO, Dr. Michael Greene, “iVexSol’s Intelligent ManufacturingTM uses commercially ready, stable producer cell banks that work at any scale. So rather than waiting for vector development at every step, our short production cycles and reproducible product allow your clinical program to rapidly progress all the way to commercial.”

iVexSol brings innovative technology to the CGT industry enabling the transformation of LVV manufacturing. To find out more about iVexSol please visit us at ivexsol.com.

About iVexSol

iVexSol, Inc. is a viral vector manufacturing company founded on a proprietary, next-generation, stable lentiviral vector production process that transforms the way these essential gene-delivery vehicles are made. Our Intelligent ManufacturingTM platform ensures the robust and reliable production of high quality, high-titer vector by generating a clonally-derived Master Cell Bank of stable vector-producing cells for the production of your gene of interest. Expansion, harvest and release of a vial from your bank enables us to deliver ready-to-use vector “on demand (i.e., within weeks, not months of your order), preserving and accelerating your clinical development timeline.

Contact: Cheryl Sturgis, Sr. Director, Marketing, info@ivexsol.com